Realtor Christmas Client Gift Ideas

I love giving my clients closing gifts and finding creative ideas to celebrate their purchase. I also try to touch base with everyone I helped that year at Christmas. Below are some of my favorite client gift ideas for Closing Day and for Christmas in all different price ranges.

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First Home Photoshoots

Gifting my clients with a first home photoshoot has become one of the best ways to help them document this celebration. They end up posting the pictures to social media and tagging myself and the photographer which always allows us to help more buyers and sellers who see their post.

Bethany Mitchell Homes
Bethany Mitchell Homes

Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar

This is my go-to gift for Christmas, but without the holiday decor and Christmas colors you can easily make this gift work for any time of the year. A quick hand-written note and this cute mason jar can be dropped off at client doors every December.

Trader Joe’s has a cookie mix that is $4.99 and you can also pick up 99 cent cards there.

I have also purchased Sisters Gourmet when I was willing to pay a little more to have the exact flavors I wanted and have it all shipped to me.

Local Candle

I’m all for gifting candles if they are local or appear to be unique. I wouldn’t buy a candle brand that you can grab from any shelf, but that’s just my opinion! I want my gifts to look and feel unique and like I put some thought into them- because I did!

This candle below is incredible. It’s more expensive, but for good reason.

Live Wreath

Live wreaths tend to be around $50, so I wouldn’t buy them for all 50-something of my clients, but this is a great idea if you are working with a smaller client base or just want to send something special and expensive every once in a while.

Image from  Bloglovin

Image from Bloglovin