The Profit Share

Keller Williams has paid their agents $1 billion in the last 35 years through profit share- this is outside of their commissions! They are expected to pay out another $1 billion in the next 5 years because of it’s exponential growth!

Profit share is a KW agent’s reward for bringing in a talented agent to the company. My KW office takes 30% of my commission until they make $22,000 (plus a 6% royalty that stops at $3,000). With this 30% split they pay for all of their expenses. What is left over is the market center’s profit, which they give back to the agents who have helped the company grow.

Profit share is not a pyramid scheme. Those are illegal and KW is a reputable company that happens to be the largest real estate company. Your profit share can run 7 levels deep and you get paid the most through your first level, or those that you directly bring into the company.

Profit share is paid out on the 21st of every month and it lasts forever. It provides passive income even if you leave Keller Williams and can be willed to your children or a charity.


An agent does $1 million in sales at a 3% commission =$30,000 Gross Commission Income

30% goes to KW = $9,000

Let’s say the office has 90k in revenue that month and 50k in expenses. That leaves 40k in profit to give back.

55% of this goes to the owners who have risk and liability in the office. 45% goes to the agents who have grown the office.

If this agent signed up for KW as a result of you (so they are in your first level), you would receive $900 from this sale.

The 7 levels of Profit Share

  1. 50%

  2. 10%

  3. 5%

  4. 5%

  5. 7.5%

  6. 10%

  7. 12.5%