The Money

At Keller Williams, every agent is valued the same. Most brokerages favor the highest producing agent and give them leads accordingly. Every KW agent pays the same amount to their market center. There is no preferential treatment for distribution of leads between a top agent in the office and a brand new agent.

These costs may vary based on city depending of your area’s average home price. My market center cost is $25,000. This means that after my office makes $25k, I make 100% of my commission.

A home price of $300,000 with a 3% commission = $9,000

KW office split of 64/30/6

64% to the agent = $5,760

30% to the office expenses= $2,700

6% to KW Royalty= $540

Once KW has made $25,000 out of their 36% cut, you are capped and receive 100% for the rest of the year.