Earn passive income by renting your home

Choose between renting out a single room in your home for extra Airbnb income or having a long term tenant for consistent monthly income. Whether you plan to stay in your home when you have guests or you own a vacant property, we can help you decide which option will net you the most money and save you the most time.

Consider the three options below and then contact us to talk about it!

Bethany Mitchell Homes

I want to rent a single room in my home

What we do:

Staging Consultation

Professional Photography

Use our 60+ Airbnb 5 star reviews and Superhost status to manage booking requests and communication

Schedule cleaning and turnover

Send you money every month!

Professional fee: 20% of every booking


I want help furnishing my empty house and renting it to short or long term guests.

What we do:

We partner with some of the best companies in the business to take on the entire cost of furnishing your home.

Once furnished, they will advertise your home to potential renters and send you 75% of the income from every booking. 12 month contracts are required so they can recoup their furniture investment.

Professional fee: 25% of every booking

Bethany Mitchell Homes

I want a long term tenant

What we do:

Professional photography and measurements

Find the best tenant for your property

Manage maintenance requests and rent collection

Send you money every month!

Professional fee: 10% of monthly rent